The complete discography of Dave Schmidt/Sula Bassana, in all bands and projects:

Solaris (electronic music):
1986-1987: 2 tape-albums (60 min. each)
1987: "In Trance" on Berliner Elektroniknacht LP-sampler

Yttrium (electronic music):
1987: Tape "Neodym" (C-46)

Twilight Network (electronic music):
1988-1992: 4 tapes (between 30 - 60 min.)
1990: "Bethselamin" on Berliner Elektroniknacht CD-sampler
1995: "Panacea" on Syntonic Waves Vol.5 CD-sampler

Liquid Visions (psychedelic-rock):
1995-1997: 3 Tapes (34 - 50 min.)
1998: LP "Liquid Visions", Nasoni-Rec., sold out
1999: CD-reissue of the debut LP, self distributed, sold out
1999: 3 Track 7" Vinyl "Overstellar Interdrive", sold out
1999: "Morning Rain" on Sysyphus Vol.6 CD-sampler
2000: "Interstellar Overdrive" on "Signs of Life", Pink Floyd tribute double CD, Angular-rec/Sysyphus-rec
2000: LP "Endless Plasmatic Childhood Overdose", Nasoni-Rec, sold out
2000: "This aint the Summer of Love" on Swamproom-sampler-LP, sold out
2001: split 7" Vinyl with Liquid Zoo, "Moonspell" by Liquid Visions, Swamproom-Rec., sold out
2001: "Ibiza Bar" on "More Relics", Pink Floyd tribute CD, Sysyphus-records
2002: CD "Hypnotized", Sysyphus-Rec., sold out
2002: "Ibiza Bar", on The Art of Sysyphus Vol.11 sampler-CD
2002: "Be Lie´ve", on The Art of Sysyphus Vol.16 sampler-CD
2004: LP and CD "...from the cube", 45 records, sold out
2004: "Out of this Room" on The Art of Sysyphus Vol.24 sampler-CD
2004: "S.P.I.R.A.L.S" and "Phantom Child" on Berliner Ring Vol.1 Sampler-CD, Setalight-records
2006: CD/2-LP "The Lost Recordings", Nasoni-Records, vinyl sold out
2006: "Fragile" on "A Saucerful of Secrets" Vol.2, Moonhead-Rec.

2018: LP "Hypnotized", Sulatron Records

Zone Six (Improvised trance rock/psychedelic):
1997: Tape (50 min.) "First Trip To Zone Six" (sold out)
1998: CD "Zone Six", Early Birds Rec., sold out
1999: CD-R Triprock-Live (sold out)
1999: "knuf on tog" (edit) on Open Minds sampler-CD
1999: "knuf on tog" (edit) on German Rock sampler-CD (sic!)
2000: CD-R Live-Pebbles Vol.1 (sold out)
2001: "Barbwired Box" (edit) on "Rare sounds from the progressive jungle" sampler-CD, Second Battle-rec.
2002: CD-R "Live at RAW-Tempel" (sold out)
2003: "Her smell hasn´t left me" (edit) on Moonhead Vol.2 CD-sampler
2003: CD-R "Live Pebbles Vol.2" (sold out)
2003: CD "any noise is intended", Sunhair-music (sold out)
2004: Edit of "Score Trek" on Music from Time and Space Vol.8 sampler-CD
2004: CD-R "Live in der Regenbogenfabrik Berlin, 8.April 2004, (sold out)
2004: CD "Psychedelic Scripture", Sunhair-music, sold out
2005: Edit of "Hopscotch" (called "First Trip") on Moonhead sampler Vol. 8 (CD)
2005: Edit of "Hopscotch" (called "First Trip") on Nasoni CD-sampler

2005: CD/do.-LP "Live Wired 2004", Nasoni-Records (LP sold out)
2007: "Collaptus" on Bad Acid Tab 4 Magazine sampler-CD
2007: CD-R "Live at Dipol, Freiberg, 2006" (sold out)
2007: CD-R "Live at Cairo, Würzburg, 2006" (sold out)
2007: CD-R "Live at Burg Herzberg Festival 2006", Sulatron-records (sold out)
2007: 2-CD-R "Live at Cairo, Würzburg, 2005" (sold out)
2007: CD "10 Years of Aural Psychedelic Journeys - rare & unreleased", Sulatron-rec.
2008: CD-R "Live at Psychedelic Network Festival 2007 (featuring Ax Genrich)", Würzburg, self distributed (sold out)
2008: CD-R "Live at the Deadheadmeeting Plauen 27.05.2006" (sold out)
2008: 2-CD-R "Live at Space Farm Ahoi Festival 2007" (sold out)
2009: CD-R "Live at Böllerbauer 2009", (sold out)
2011: CD-R "Live at Yellowstock", Sulatron-records (sold out)
2011: CD-R "live at Sulatron Labelnight, Fulda", on Sulatron-Rec.(sold out)
2012: CD/LP "The Split Thing", split album with Vespero, Transubstans-Records, Sweden (sold out)
2012: track "Rollatorcat" on LP UFOs over Ellmendingen, Kerntonschall-Records
2015: CD "Love Monster" on Sulatron Records
2015: LP "Love Monster" on Deep Distance Records UK (lim. 500 splatter) (sold out)
2016: LP "Love Monster" on Deep Distance Records UK (lim. 300 clear) (sold out)
2017: LP "Forever Hugo" on Deep Distance Records UK (lim. 500 colour) (sold out)
2017: Downloadalbum "Untertassen" on the Zone Six Bandcamp page
2017: Downloadalbum "Live Spring 2017" on the Zone Six Bandcamp page
2017: LP/CD "Zone Six", instrumental version as the first tape, Sulatron Records
2018: LP "Live Spring" on Pancromatic Records
2018: split LP with ARC OF ASCENT out at Headspin Records NL

Weltraumstaunen (space-rock):
1999: LP "Weltraumstaunen", Nasoni-Rec., black vinyl, sold out
1999: "Kraut" on Sysyphus Vol.5 CD-sampler
2001: "Clockline" on Sysyphus Vol.9 CD-sampler
2001: CD "Weltraumstaunen", Sysyphus-rec, sold out
2003: LP-reissue of the "Weltraumstaunen"-album, Nasoni-rec, blue vinyl (sold out)
2004: LP "Weltraumwelt", Nasoni-Rec. (sold out)
2004: "Black Dove Part 1" on Moonhead Vol. 5 CD-sampler
2004: CD "Weltraumwelt", Nasoni-Rec. (sold out)
2005: "Pollenflug", on Nasoni CD-sampler

Growing Seeds (space-rock, Dave on drums!):
1999: 3 Track 7" Vinyl "Mr. Moog", Pleitegeier-rec. (sold out)

Space Shuttle Pilots (drum'n bass, ambient):
2000-2003: lots of recodings, but no release yet
2005: track "Introducing" Videoclip on Moonhead Video-Magazin nr. 2 on Moonhead Sampler Vol. 9
2008: track "Introducing" Videoclip on Bad Acid Tab 7 DVD-Magazine

Sula Bassana (solo, psychedelic ethnotronic space-rock):
2001: "Baby Blue Shuffle in D Major" on "More Relics", Pink Floyd tribute CD, Sysyphus-rec
2002: LP "Dreamer" on Nasoni-Records (sold out)
2002: "My Blue Guitar" on Moonhead Sampler Vol.1 (CD)
2003: CD-R "Sulatronics", self distributed (sold out)
2003: LP "Retronique", Split LP with Vibravoid on Nasoni-Records (sold out)
2003: "Vegetable Man" (10 sec. version), on the Vegetable Man 10 inch Project (sold out)
2004: CD "Dreamer", Sulatron-records, sold out
2004: "My Blue Guitar" on Music from Time and Space Vol. 9 CD-sampler
2004: "The End of the World" on Berliner Ring Vol.1 sampler-CD, Setalight-records
2005: CD "Dreamer", reissue on Elektrohasch-Records (sold out)
2006: CD and LP "and the Nasoni Pop Art Experimental Band Vol.1" on Nasoni-Rec. (sold out)
2006: "The Night After" on Music from Time and Space Vol. 18 CD-sampler
2006: CD-R "Endless Winter", Sulatron-records (sold out)
2006: CD-R from Electric Orange and Sula Bassana, self distributed (sold out)
2006: "Vegetable Man" on 10 Years Anniversary-Sampler-CD/Festivalticket of Nasoni-Records
2006: "Perry Rhodan" on Operation Stardust Perry Rhodan tribute CD-sampler (Tribal Stomp, Cargo-Records)
2006: 2-CD-R "Spaced Out" (Sula and Friends), on Sulatron-records (sold out)
2007: CD-R "Half Past Six" (Sula and Modulfix), on Sulatron-records (sold out)
2007: "Dreamer" and "Dealer McDope" on Bad Acid Tab 4 Magazine sampler-CD
2007: CD-R "Dämmerung" (Sula and Modulfix), on Sulatron-records (sold out)
2007: "Vegetable Man" (different version) on Vegetable Man Project Vol. 5 CD
2007: "Dreamer" on Timazine Nr. 2 CD-R sampler
2008: track "Dealer McDope" on Versolafine Underground Voices download sampler
2008: track "Space Taxi" on Neutrinos Odyssey download sampler
2009: CD-R "Sulatronics 2", on Sulatron-Rec. (deleted)
2009: "Barbarella" on My Outer Space free download sampler
2009: CD "The Night" on Sulatron-records (sold out)
2009: "Kosmokrator" (edit) on Music from Time and Space Vol. 33 CD-sampler
2009: 7" vinyl-single "Vegetable Man" + "Perry Rhodan" on Nasoni-records
2009: LP "The Night" on Pancromatic-records (green and black vinyl, sold out)
2009: CD-R "Silent Music", on Sulatron-Rec. (sold out)
2009: CD-R "Pingpong" (Sula and Modulfix), on Sulatron-Rec. (sold out)
2010: CD "Kosmonauts", on Sulatron-Rec. (second edition out now)
2010: CD-R "Brain Wash" (Sula and Modulfix), on Sulatron-Rec. (sold out)
2011: "Soulcake" on Peace Frog Vol.3 sampler CD
2012: CD/2-LP "Dark Days", Sulatron-records (vinyl sold out)
2012: CD/LP "Dreamer" 10 years anniversary edition, Sulatron-Rec.
2013: LP "The Night" on Pancromatic-records (new edition of 300 on marbled vinyl, sold out))
2013: LP "Brain Wash" (Sula and Modulfix), on Pancromatic-records (lim. to 500) (almost sold out)
2014: split-LP with 3AM (Peru) "Disappear", on Headspin-Records NL (marbled and black)
2015: CD "The Night" on Sulatron-records (re-issue in jewelcase)
2015: CD/LP "Live at Roadburn Festival 2014" on Sulatron-records (marbled LP lim 777)
2015: 2-LP "Kosmonauts" on Deep Distance-records, UK (sold out)
2016: CD/LP "Shipwrecked" on Sulatron Records (LP sold out!)
2016: Track "Lost in Space" on the Psych Box (5CDs and a 7"), on Cleopatra Rec.
2017: LP "Organ Accumulator" on Deep Distance Records UK, 500 copies splatter vinyl sold out. 300 copies on brown vinyl almost sold out!
2017: CD"Organ Accumulator + Disappear" on Sulatron Records
2017: track "The Vegetable Man" on Eclipsed Sampler CD "67" in Heft 03/2017
2017: CD "The Ape Regards His Tail -original soundtrack" on Sulatron Records
2018: 2-LP "The Ape Regards His Tail -original soundtrack" on Pancromatic Records
2018: LP "The Night" on Pancromatic-records (new edition of 300 on clear vinyl
2018: CD/2-LP "Dark Days", Sulatron-records (CD and 2-LP re-issue, lim. to 500 copies)

Hiddenbeats (impro-rock)
2002: two tracks on CD-R "Referenz" (not really available)

Blumenwunder (girl poppunk oder so)
2003: "Franken" (hiddentrack) with Dave on Drums, on the legendary first CD-R release "Die ganze Strasse liegt voll Regen und ich lege mich dazu", self distributed

The Psychedelic Avengers (imaginary sci-fi soundtrack)
2004: some synths and space-guitars on the CD "and the course of the universe", 45-records
2006: some synths and bass in 3 songs on the CD " and the decterian blood empire", 45-records

Neumeier-Genrich-Schmidt (psychedelic krautrock jam)
2004: CD "Psychedelic Monsterjam", Sunhair-music, sold out
2005: CD "The Intergalactic Travel Agency", Sunhair-music (sold out)
2006: "Stone In" unreleased live-version on "A Saucerful of Secrets" Vol.1, Moonhead-Rec.
2009: track "... Dalai Lhama" on the CD "Axymoron" by Ax Genrich

Colour Haze (cosmic stoner-rock)
2004: some synth-sounds in the track "Peace, Brothers and Sisters" on the CD/LP "Colour Haze", Elektrohasch-Records

Südstern 44 (psychedelic post rock)
2005: CD-R "The Dampfwalze", self distributed, sold out
2007: "Südsee" on Music from Time and Space Vol. 25 CD-sampler
2007: CD/LP "Südstern 44" on Nasoni-records (LP sold out)

Circle (trance-rock)
2007: spacebass in the track "Kaarre" on the 2-CD "Telescope", Sunhair-Records, sold out

Interkosmos (trance-rock)
2008: "Edentrip" on free download sampler Various Clinical Jazz CD 2
2009: CD-R "Interkosmos" as free download on Clinical Archives (Russia)
2009: "Rock it" on free download sampler Various Clinical Anthology CD 1
2016: CD "Hypnotizer" on Sulatron. Same as the CD-R plus a long live bonustrack and mastered by Eroc!

Das Alte Haus (psychedelic-freejazz)
2010: CD-R on Tiger Asylum Records, New York (sold out)

Electric Moon (psychedelic-rock)
2010: CD/LP "Lunatics" on Nasoni-Records (sold out)
2010: 2-CD-R "live at Epplehaus", on Sulatron-Rec. (sold out)
2010: Track "Planetengirls" on Classic Rock Magazine Sampler CD of issue 11/2010
2010: Track "Lunatic" on the CD-sampler of Eclipsed Magazine 12/2010
2011: Track "Hotel Hell" on Timemazine Sampler CD of issue no. 5
2011: LP "Lunatics Revenge", Nasoni-Rec. (sold out)
2011: 2-CD-R "live at Immerhin", on Sulatron-Rec. (sold out)
2011: CD-R "Inferno", on Sulatron-Rec. (sold out)
2011: CD-R "flaming lake", on Sulatron-Rec. (sold out)
2011: LP "sun and moon", split LP with Glowsun, on Sulatron-Rec. (sold out)
2011: 2-LP "flaming lake", on Sulatron-Rec. (sold out)
2011: CD-R "live at Sulatron Labelnight, Fulda", on Sulatron-Rec. (sold out)
2011: 2-LP/CD "The Doomsday Machine", Nasoni-Rec. (sold out)
2012: Track "The Pop Art Accident" on split 7" single, Transubstans rec. (green vinyl sold out)
2012: Track "Madrigal Meridian" on 2-LP-sampler Head Music, Fruits de Mer Records UK (sold out)
2012: 2-LP "Cellar Space Live Overdose", Sulatron-Rec. (sold out)
2012: CD-R "Cellar Space Live Overdose, Darmstadt", Sulatron-Rec. (sold out)
2012: MC "Flaming Lake", Dogma Artistic Guerilla-Records, Malaysia (sold out)
2012: CD/2-LP "Inferno", Sulatron-Records (sold out)
2012: CD-R "ONE, live at Zytanien", Sulatron-Rec. (sold out)
2012: CD-R "TWO, live at Rockt den See", Sulatron-Rec. (sold out)
2013: CD-R "D-Tune", Sulatron-Rec. (sold out)
2013: 10" vinyl EP "you can see the sound of...", Sulatron-Rec. (sold out)
2013: CD/LP "The Papermoon Sessions" (Papir with Electric Moon), Sulatron-Records (red vinyl sold out)
2013: CD-R "Live at United Club, Torino", Sulatron-Records (sold out)
2014: CD/2-LP "Mind Explosion", Sulatron Records (CD sold out)
2014: Track "Madrigal Meridian" on CD-sampler Son of Kraut, Sireena Records
2014: LP "Innside Outside", The Great Pop Supplement Records (UK) (sold out)
2014: 2-LP/2-CD "Lunatics and Lunatics Revenge", Sulatron-Records, vinyl lim. to 500 colour, (vinyl sold out!)
2015: CD "Inferno" re-issue with new artwork, Sulatron-Records
2015: CD/LP "The Papermoon Sessions live at Roadburn 2014" (Papir with Electric Moon), Sulatron Records
2015: track "Tomorrow Never Knows" on Beatles tribute sampler CD/LP, Cleopatra-records USA
2015: CD/2-LP "Theory of Mind" on Sulatron Records (Vinyl sold out)
2015: CD/2-LP colour "Flaming Lake" (Vinyl re-issue, sold out) on Sulatron Records (sold out)
2016: Track "Spaceman" on the Psych Box (5CDs and a 7"), on Cleopatra Rec.
2016: DL "Live at Zeiss Planetarium Bochum, 2015", Bandcamp only!
2016: CD re-issue "The Doomsday Machine" on Sulatron Records
2017: CD/LP "Stardust Rituals" on Sulatron Records. 1st vinyl pressing of 1000 sold out, second pressing 500 copies sold out! 3rd pressing out now, lim. to 500 (sold out)
2017: track "The Loop" on Eclipsed Sampler CD
2018: 2-LP "Live at Epplehaus" (2010) on Pancromatic Records
2018: 3-LP-set "Live in Kosmos", Live at Planetarium Bochum 2015, Sulatron. (sold out)
2018: 2-LP "Inferno" re-issue with new artwork, Sulatron-Records

Krautzone (krautrock)
2013: LP "Kosmische Rituale" on Sulatron Records (almost sold out)
2014: split-LP with Lamp Of The Universe (New Zealand) "Superkraut", on Headspin-Records NL, 100 on marbled and 400 on black vinyl (sold out!)
2015: LP "Spiritual Retreat" on Sulatron Records
2015: 2-CD "The Complete Works" on Sulatron Records

ØRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE (spacerock, me on guitar)
2016: 2-LP "live in Trondheim 2008"


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