Dave first entered stage in 1985 or 86, can..t remember, as keyboardplayer of the electronic duo Solaris. Several electronic duos and trios followed. Twilight Network for example. In 1994 he co-founded the psychedelic rockband Liquid Visions. They released 5 albums and some singles on several labels. In 1997 he founded Zone Six to create spontaneous psychedelic spacerock trips. Zone Six are still existing and released 6 albums so far. In 1998 Andi (Growing Seeds) and Dave formed the studioproject Weltraumstaunen to record some excellent freak outs. Two albums were released on Nasoni-Records. In 1998 he moved to Bayreuth (Bavaria) to fill the drummers seat in the spacerockband Growing Seeds. But in early 1999 they gave up and he went back to Berlin. They just released one vinyl-single on Pleitegeier-Records. In early 2003 he left Liquid Visions.
There was also a little episode with a nice ambient, drum'n'bass and dub-project called Space Shuttle Pilots, but sadly without any proper release.
Sula's first solo-album Dreamer was released on Nasoni-Records in 2002. More albums followed. Dave played in several projects, such as Psychedelic Monsterjam, together with Ax Genrich on guitar and
Mani Neumeier on drums (both from Guru Guru). Two live-CDs were released on Sunhair-Records. In 2003 he co-founded the psychedelic-postrock-project Südstern 44, together with Ellipopelli (ex Growing Seeds) and Julius K (ex Zone Six). There was one album on Nasoni-Records and one CD-R released by the band.
In late summer 2006 he moved to Austria and founded his label sulatron-records, played guitar in the young local rockband Alice Dog and has started a project called Interkosmos, with Sergio Ceballos (guitar and vocals, from RIP KC, Spain) and Bernhard Fasching (aka Pablo Carneval, drums, from The Blowing Lewinsky). Another short time project was born with the saxophone-wizard Mario Rechtern and spontaneous guests: Das Alte Haus (only one CD-R released on the NY-based Jazz-label Tiger Asylum).
AND there is a new band (since late 2009) called Electric Moon with Lulu (Lulu Artwork, bass), and Dave on guitar and organ (and drums), and Pablo Carneval on drums. Many releases followed.
In 2010 he moved back to Germany!
In 2012 Lulu, Modulfix (from Zone Six), Rainer Neeff (The Pancakes, Zone Six), Onkel Kaktus and Sula founded a new project called Krautzone! 3 Vinyl releases followed, and a double CD also!
He also played some gigs as guitar- or bass-player with the Øresund Space Collective in Germany and Norway.
He also jammed on stage with the following bands and musicians: Gas Giant, Circle, Damo Suzuki, Keiji Miashita, Horst Porkert, The Movements, Electric Orange, Niagaragain, Spheric Lounge, Annot Rhül and members of Seid.
He played with his bands and projects mostly in Germany, but also in Austria, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, England, Wales, Portugal, Greece and Belgium.

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