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Enjoy the psychedelic music of Sula Bassana and his friends!
Love and peace!


OUT in January 2020:
6 CD Box on Sulatron Records and 6 LP Box on Pancromatic Records!
Including 2 CD/2-LP Endless Winter, 2 CD/2 LP Silent Music,
1 CD/LP the split albums (with Vibravoid and 3AM) and
1 CD/LP previously unreleased tracks!

Sula Bassana - "Dark Days" 2-LP and CD re-issue on
Sulatron Records !

Sula Bassana - "The Night" LP re-release on clear vinyl, lim. to 300 copies! On Pancromatic Records, Norway!

"The Ape Regards His Tail" 2-LP on clear wax (only 3 sides with muisic!), lim. to 500 copies!
On Pancromatic Records!

"The Ape Regards His Tail", out on Sulatron. CD in jewelcase. Sula's first soundtrack! almost 60 minutes of spacey and soft electronic/kraut music for the sci/fi film by Michael Yates.

The vinyl release "Organ Accumulator" is out NOW! The multicoloured one sold out quick, the 300 lim. second press on brown vinyl sold out too! Released by Deep Distance records UK. It features 6 new electronic music tracks, mainly done on organs and portable keyboards. But also with
synthesizers, drumboxes, and guitar/bass in the titletrack.
CD version (including my side of the split LP with 3AM as bonustracks) on Sulatron records sells well also and will be gone soon too!


NEW Elektro-Kraut-album "Shipwrecked" out NOW on CD and LP
(marbled vinyl, lim. to 500! SOLD OUT!!!), on Sulatron-Records.

KOSMONAUTS on 2-LP sold out now!!!!
CD out in a little repress now.

NEW ALBUM: Live at Roadurn Festival CD/LP, on Sulatron-Records.
CD second press available now!!

NEW ALBUM (Disappear) on Bandcamp! Vinyl almost sold out!!!

The 10 years anniversary edition of the Sula Bassana-debut-album "Dreamer"!
First time mastered (by Eroc!) and with new artwork (coverpainting)
by Komet Lulu (Lulu Artwork!)! CD with 2 bonustracks!
Vinyl sold out!

Re-issue of "The Night" sold out now!!!


The 2012 Sula Bassana psychedelic/Spacerock-album "Dark Days"!
On CD and 2-LP (sold out!),
great trippy coverpainting by Lulu Artwork!