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A bunch of news here:

Sula Bassana - "Dark Days" 2-LP and CD re-issue on
Sulatron Records !

Sula Bassana - "The Night" LP re-release on clear vinyl, lim. to 300 copies! On Pancromatic Records, Norway!

"The Ape Regards His Tail" 2-LP on clear wax (only 3 sides with muisic!), lim. to 500 copies!
On Pancromatic Records!

First reviews of my new album arrived:

streetclip.tv (in deutsch)

babyblaue-seiten.de (in deutsch)

dayzofpurpleandorange.blogspot.de (in english)

freq.org.uk (in english)

synthsequences.blogspot.de (in english)

"The Ape Regards His Tail", out on Sulatron. CD in jewelcase. Sula's first soundtrack! almost 60 minutes of spacey and soft electronic/kraut music for the sci/fi film by Michael Yates.

Shipwrecked reached several top 10's of 2016!

New Sula Interview, mainly about the electronic music, from Atomheartmother!

The vinyl release "Organ Accumulator" is out NOW! The multicoloured one sold out quick, but there are still some of the 300 lim. second press on brown vinyl (click on the coverpic), released by Deep Distance records UK. It features 6 new electronic music tracks, mainly done on organs and portable keyboards. But also with
synthesizers, drumboxes, and guitar/bass in the titletrack.
CD version (including my side of the split LP with 3AM as bonustracks) on Sulatron records sells well also and will be gone soon too

first print reviews (for more look at the press section):

NEW Elektro-Kraut-album "Shipwrecked" out in February 2016
on CD and LP (marbled vinyl, lim. to 500, sold out!), on Sulatron-Records!!!

First reviews of Shipwrecked arrived:
(in english)
dayzofpurpleandorange.blogspot (in english)
carrysnewundergroundmusic.blogspot (in dutch)
darkentries.be/nl (in dutch)
aural-innovations.com (in english)
astralzoneblog.blogspot (in english)

Neues Interview im Black Magazin:
Eine etwas kürzere Fassung davon ist im Synmag (Heft 51)!

New interview:

New Zone Six studioalbum out now! After eleven years without a proper studioalbum we are back with a bang! Vinyl lim. to 500 on splatter vinyl (Deep Distance records, UK)! CD on Sulatron, order CD here and vinyl here.

KOSMONAUTS double vinyl version out now on Deep Distance records, UK!!! Order here. (not many copies left!)

Click here for a more than 3 hours radioshow about my music at Aural Innovations Radio (show #348)!!!!!

And great new reviews arrived, look at PRESS section!

The Night CD-re-release out NOW!!!
Order here!

New stuff in progress:
New elektronik- and new psychedelicrock-album out in later 2015 on Sulatron.

new review and new interview in the PRESS section!

NEW ALBUM: Live at Roadurn Festival CD/LP (CD and LP out NOW!!!), on Sulatron-Records.

NEW ALBUM (Disappear) on Bandcamp. Vinyl almost sold out!!!

First track on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHyjc8Bf8xo

The CD "Kosmonauts" got it's second issue of 150 copies NOW!

Listen and/or download some Sula Bassana albums on Bandcamp!!!

Some videos of the Sula Bassana concert at Roadburn:

First ever Sula Bassana shirts arrived!!! YEAH!! Design by Lulu Artwork! Order here: www.sulatron.com

And stickers arrived with the same logo!

Working on a split-LP with 3AM!!! My side will contain 3 drony psychedelic space-trance tracks!

New Electric Moon album "Mind Explosion" out on CD and 2-LP now! On Sulatron Records (www.sulatron.com).

KRAUTZONE has a soundawesome profile now! krautzone.soundawesome.com

Krautzone debut-album "Kosmische Rituale" out now!!! Order here. And listen to the album here.

OUT NOW: Sula Bassana & Modulfix - brain wash LP on Pancromatics records Norway!!!! Order here.

The Papermoon Sessions CD by Papir with Electric Moon is out NOW! LP also, but red vinyl is almost sold out!!

You can listen and/or download long time sold out Sula albums "The Night", "Kosmonauts", "Silent Music" and "Endless Winter" at Bandcamp!!!!

NEW Interviews! See press section and scroll down!

Kosmonauts CD is completely sold out now! The Night CD also! Dark Days vinyls almost sold out!!!

Soon from Krautzone! First vinyl release "Kosmische Rituale" out in December 2013, on Sulatron-Records!

AMAZING news from the Roadburn headquarter, look here:

or look here:

SULA BASSANA & Modulfix album BRAINWASH on vinyl sooooon!

THE NIGHT reprint of 300 copies, with heavy green/black marbled vinyl!
You can order at www.sulatron.com (click on the pic!)

Sula Bassana on the Mind Expansion vol. 2 digital compilation
with Electric Moon and many, many more, like Spectrum, Bardo Pond,
Sonic Boom, Sky Sunlight Saxon, Füxa....!!!!

The CD issues of "The Night" and "Kosmonauts" are sold out now!
But there will be a new issue of "The Night" on marbled vinyl on Pancromatic-Records, Norway, out NOW! Lim. to 300 copies.

New interview (in greek and english) on Wild Thing (Greece):

I started making my long time sould out CD-Rs available for YOU! With Endless Winter (right for this year as well) from 2006, and Silent Music from 2009.
Look here:

Some new reviews here!

new interview (in german) here

OUT NOW: The 10 years anniversary edition of the Sula Bassana-debut-album "Dreamer"!
First time mastered (by Eroc!) and with new artwork (coverpainting)
by Komet Lulu (Lulu Artwork!)! CD with 2 bonustracks! LP on heavy black vinyl, lim. to 500 sold out! NOW on green vinyl, lim. to 450!!!!

I have a Sound Awesome profile now!!!

New Interview at german website www.metalnews.de (in deutsch)

Dark Days became album of the day at ROADBURN!!!

Also some reviews arrived! See at press.


The new Sula Bassana psychedelic/Spacerock-album "Dark Days"!
On CD and 2-LP (black vinyl and lim. to 500 on marbled vinyl!),
great trippy coverpainting by Lulu Artwork! (marbled vinyl sold out!)


OUT NOW: New Livealbum by Electric Moon!!!

new Electric Moon interview at theobelisk.net

OUT NOW: A split LP/CD of Zone Six and Vespero!

OUT NOW: A split single of Electric Moon and Hypnotized not Paralyzed!

A new jam project with Komet Lulu, Modulfix, Rainer Neef, Onkel Kaktus, Baba Lali and me, called Krautzone, is born. Please take a listen here:

Coool interview: http://mratavist.wordpress.com/2011/07/21/the-hardest-working-man-in-space/

and another new interview: http://psychedelicbaby.blogspot.com/2011/05/sula-bassana-interview.html

New Electric Moon live 2-LP "Flaming Lake" sold out!

Check out the GIGS section for new livedates!

I'm not longer checking my myspace-profile, so please meet me at Facebook: facebook.com/sulabassana

Sula on Soundcloud (there you can listen to many tracks): soundcloud.com/sulabassana
Electric Moon also! soundcloud.com/electricmoon
and Krautzone: soundcloud.com/krautzone
and Zone Six: soundcloud.com/zonesix

Please check out Komet Lulus shirt-designs:
17003044-23853679 spreadshirt.de and her facebook-profile!

Electric Moon news: New T-shirts out now!!!! LP "Lunatics Revenge" almost sold out! CD-R "Inferno", 2nd issue almost sold out! Check out at sulatron.com! The first 2 live CD-Rs are sold out!!!

Great new interview at Prog Sphere!!!

We also have new shirts!!!!

CD "Kosmonauts" on Sulatron. 5 Electronic tracks. The same (but slightly different versions) from the Sulatronics 2 CD-R-release, remastered by Eroc and new Artwork by Lulu Artwork!!